Sunflower Oil for Skin: Benefits, Brief Reviews, and How to Use the Oil Properly

Sunflower oil is best known for its beta-carotene, a fat-soluble compound usually found in a various vegetables and fruits. The compound contains a good deal of antioxidant properties which are greatly beneficial for human health especially skin care.

Sunflower Oil Benefits for Skin

Some of the biggest benefits of sunflower oil for skin are briefly outlined below.

1. Reduces Acne

The most common cause of acne is the excessive production of sebum by sebaceous glands. When the oil gets blocked and infected by bacteria, acne is almost an inevitable condition. Sunflower oil helps to create a protective layer that prevents bacteria from making direct contact with your skin thus it prevents the infection. This oil has vitamin E and essential fatty acids, so it does not only protect but also nourishes your facial skin. It can be applied directly on a regular basis for best results.

2. Prevents Skin Infections

The essential fatty acids contained in sunflower can prevent other types of skin infections including sunburns and dermatitis. Apart from being an antioxidant, sunflower oil has anti-inflammatory properties and omega-6 fatty acids as well. The omega-6 or linoleic even enhances or promotes new cells development. In other words, this natural oil creates protective layer to prevent contact with bacteria and rejuvenates skin at the same time. It is expected that sunflower can give healthy and glowing skin.

sunflower oil for skin care

3. Protects Skin from Sun Damage

Skin is always affected by environmental conditions such as bad effects from the sun. Unfortunately, the environment is filled with a great amount of free radicals which can cause various types of cancers. As mentioned earlier, topical use of sunflower oil creates a protective layer on the skin, so it can keep your skin intact regardless of the potential environmental effects. With this kind of shield, the skin remains healthy, safe from sun effects, and moist.

4. Prevents Premature Signs of Aging

Free radicals may also trigger the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on the face. You can prevent this by consuming a moderate amount of vitamin E from various foods or apply sunflower oil directly to the skin. This will help to protect elastin and collagen, maintaining healthy and younger look. To get this great beneficial effect of sunflower oil skin care, it is recommended to apply the treatment on a regular basis.

5. Effective Emollient

It is true that you can always use a moisturizer to make your skin look softer and feel smooth. However, some products lose its effects soon after they are applied. Another great benefit of sunflower oil on skin is that it can both provide moisture and retain moist thus the oil keeps your skin hydrated for longer period. You can also add few drops of sunflower oil to your regular moisturizer product to enhance the effect and therefore you can use it daily.

Brief Reviews of Sunflower Oil Products

A great number of sunflower oil products are available in the market, but you should choose wisely to get the entire benefits of the oil. Some popular products of sunflower oil for skin are reviewed below.

1. Organic Pure Sunflower Oil by Life-Flo (16 Ounce)

Life-Flo Sunflower OilThis is cold-pressed and food grade sunflower oil. The main ingredient used in this product in indeed sunflower seed oil (99.5%), but it also uses tocopherol (which is basically vitamin E) as preservative. You do not get 100% pure sunflower oil in this product, but it is at least usable in almost all cases.

2. Sunflower Body Oil (100% Pure Body/Hair Oil), 8oz

Sunflower Body OilUnlike the aforementioned product, this one only contains sunflower oil. This product is intended for topical use to improve sensitive, damaged, and dry skin. Without any additive or preservative, this product can go rancid quicker than expected. However, such natural product will presumably provide better effects overall compared to those mixed with preservatives.

3. Sunflower Oil (High Oleic) 100% Pure – 8 Oz

SAAQIN sunflower oilThis is another 100% pure sunflower oil product. You must store it in cool dark place to prevent oxidation, and please remember that it goes rancid quickly without preservative. You can use it for cooking also, but it is not heat-tolerant thus it has very low smoke-point.

How to Use Sunflower Oil on Your Skin

Similar to other skin care products, you must use sunflower oil properly to get the best effects. Of course, you can simply apply it directly, but there are other methods to enhance the good effects. If you are purchasing a ready-to-use sunflower oil product, please follow the attached direction of use to avoid side effects. Great methods to use sunflower oil on skin are as follows.

1. Massage on the Skin

To get the best benefits of sunflower oil for skin, one of the best methods is to apply it directly to your skin after warm bath. This is important since your skin will basically still be in warm condition so the oil can penetrate deeper and nourish your skin more effectively. You don’t have to prepare massage formula for this treatment, meaning you can use plain sunflower oil. You can apply the oil all over your body including facial skin, and you do need to wash it off.

Please remember that you should not put your clothes on immediately after the oil is applied. If you do this, the clothes will possibly stick to your body and make you feel greasy. You must let the oil work for at least 20 minutes before you start putting your clothes on. You must wait until the oil penetrates deep enough and leaves only a small amount of it on your skin.

People commonly do this treatment if they need to apply the oil all over their body for beautifying purposes. If you only want to use a small amount of the oil on face, hand, and legs, you may not need to do the same method.

2. Sugar – Sunflower Oil Scrub

To really enhance the effects of sunflower oil for skin, you will need to mix it with white sugar to create a scrub. You should mix one and a half cup of sunflower oil and three cups of white sugar. The combination will create thick oily mixture. The method is basically similar to the first one mentioned above.

Before applying the scrub, please soak your body into warm water to slightly increase the temperature of your skin. This also helps to soften up flaky or dead skin layers. After some minutes, take a handful of the scrub and apply it carefully in circular motion all over your body.

The main purpose of this is to exfoliate the skin and let the dead layer go easily. The sugar can effectively slug off dead layer, while the warm water helps the sunflower oil to penetrate deeply and nourish your skin. When properly done, this method can indeed give excellent results.

While the scrub removes dead layer, sunflower oil immediately brings nutrients to the skin and improve the condition. The warmth condition also lets the oil work more effectively and quickly. After applying the scrub to cover your body, you can wash it off with another warm shower and dry your skin by using warm towel as well.